Les clients de Provide Support sont situés partout dans le monde et appartiennent à une grande variété de marchés et de secteurs. Ils utilisent nos services parce qu'ils ont constaté que le support en direct améliore les relations clients, augmente le chiffre d'affaires, promeut l'image de la marque, et réduit les coûts de vente et de support.

Les organisations suivantes ont ajouté les services de Provide Support ® à leurs sites Web. Nous tenons à les remercier de nous avoir fait part de leur avis concernant notre service, et de nous permettre de publier leurs commentaires sur cette page.

  • "The CHI Company sells beverage & fluid related parts and fittings to a worldwide clientel. Correct information to service our customer correctly is paramount in satisfying their needs. Provide Support online chat is fully integrated with our website to achieve that goal; getting our customers the right part and the right size.
    The CHI Company's customers use the online chat feature on a daily basis. By having the ability to converse, in real-time, with the customer, we are able to ascertain the customer's needs, allay any doubts they have about a purchase and insure complete customer satisfaction with the order.
    Provide support really is a Chi Company partner in our operations."

    February 2, 2018
    Matthew Chitiea
  • "We have been using this service for over 11 years. We can really depend on Provide Support to deliver quality service and great customer service. They are reliable and the program is easy to use and navigate. Whenever something is not working correctly or we need assistance fixing a problem, the Provide Support team is there to help us through it quickly and efficiently. Over the years they have evolved with technology adding on new features to improve the program. We use the Provide Support system every day to provide our services, it is one of our main sources of communication with clients. "

    January 30, 2018
    Kurshawnda Harris
    Lead Hotline Health Educator III
  • "We have been using Live Chat Provide Support since 2009 without any issues. Day in/ Day out the service is rock solid. Although, for us, it doesn’t generate direct sales, it DOES afford another way to support our customers, especially if they need an answer “right now”. This avenue allows us to meet our customer at their point of need, which is sufficiency enough to continue the service."

    January 16, 2018
    Rick Miller
  • "We have been a long standing customer to Provide Support. On average we receive approximately 20,000 live chats per year. Provide Support has helped us to quickly and efficiently answer questions. The software is easy to install, user-friendly and their customer service is outstanding. I would highly recommend Provide Support as a cost effective way to communicate with your customers."

    January 11, 2018
    Kristina Vild
    Director – College Information & Enrollment Support Center
  • "We have been using Provide Support for online communication through our website for over 10 years. We continue to use Provide Support because the interface is easy to use and has many features that make chatting with our customers a breeze. Whenever we need additional support, the staff at Provide Support are very professional and respond very quickly. We highly recommend Provide Support for all your online chat needs."

    November 10, 2017
    Joel Mann
  • "United SCP has had a "live support" features on our websites for many years. We were so used to paying the $59.00 per month for a single user that we just thought "that's the way it goes" until we started shopping it out. We were astounded by the variety of providers but settled on Provide Support due to their outstanding customer support, ease of implementation and the variety of tools that they have available. My Company is rapidly expanding, we aren't huge but have a big footprint. Client's come to us for the same reason I went with Provide Support. When we need them they are there for us with a great product and accurate, timely information that we can take to the bank. I've watched as our sales team have closed clients using only Provide Support. It's impressive. I wish I would have given them this tool earlier. For us Provide Support = increased sales."

    August 14, 2017
    Steve R Cooter
  • "Safelincs prides itself on market leading customer service. Prior to offering a live online chat we always felt there was a void that fell in between phone support and email queries and the ProvideSupport chat system fills that void perfectly. The installation of the system and the admin panel is very user friendly and we like the personalisation options for our team of operators.

    The live chat system is now an integral tool for our customer service team and for our customers and allows us to offer just another way of getting in touch and communicating. We have recommended ProvideSupport to other organisations as we feel the service far outweighs the cost."

    March 10, 2017
    Stuart Baxter
    Commercial Development Manager
  • "Provide Support's on-line chat has empowered our customers, given them a choice in tools for reaching Blackfoot. Business has become 'on the go' and having this channel of support has enabled an easily accessible portal to Blackfoot, for our clients, while allowing Blackfoot to maintain an interacting customer service experience."

    February 13, 2017
    Windy Petersen
    Customer Operations Supervisor