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Embedded or Pop-up chat window?

Do you want the chat window to open in a separate window or tab, or do you want it to be embedded into the web page? This is the first choice you'll be faced with when setting up your live chat.

Customize chat window mode

Size and position of the chat widget on the web page

You can make the chat window smaller or larger so that it blends well with your overall website design. You can also choose the best position for the chat button and chat window will open from this spot as well.

Customize chat widget size and position

Design your chat window

With interactive customizations preview tool you can easily create your chat window design to match your website look and feel. You just need to pick a theme together with colors and then check how your chat window, pre-chat and offline forms look in the chat window preview or directly on your website. Additionally, you can enable various features in chat window toolbar, customize chat window titles and behavior and position your live chat button.

Live chat window customization with preview

Customizing the pre chat form

You can make the pre-chat survey look unique and useful by adding extra fields to it. For example, you can collect information, such as the customer's phone number, the name of their company - basically, any details which are important to you or which can help the customer support agents to serve the clients more efficiently.

To add or edit the pre-chat fields, follow Account Settings / Pre-chat Survey in your Control Panel and click the pencil icon to edit an existing field or click the link "Add new field" to create more fields.

Additionally, you can add personal data processing consent box to your pre-chat form at Account Settings / Privacy Settings page.

Pre-chat survey customization

Tweaking the post chat survey

Setting up your post chat survey is where you can get the most creative! You can go the easy way though and select one of the survey templates we offer in our post chat survey gallery.

However, if you would like to set up your own survey questions and change the design, your possibilities are almost endless here. We offer the ability to download the post chat survey template files, which are basically a set of html pages. You can edit the html in those pages and create your own survey form.

Detailed instructions or customizing the survey files are available in our user manual.

Post chat survey setup

Managing offline chat behavior

Similarly to editing the pre chat survey, you can also add extra fields to or remove them from your offline form. This can help you to process offline requests more effectively.

To do so, follow Account Settings / Offline Form in the Control Panel and click the pencil icon to edit a field or "Add New Field" to create an extra field.

If you don't want to receive offline messages while your chat support is offline, you can disable the offline form (the offline chat icon will not appear on your website in this case) or you can redirect the offline form to another page, such as, for example, the Contacts page of your website, any survey page or whatever works for you.

To review the offline chat options and select one, follow Account Settings / Offline Settings screen in your Control Panel.

Offline chat settings

Customizing system messages

There are a number of system messages which are sent to the customers automatically when triggered by certain events. For example, you can set some system greetings when the customer clicks the live chat button and a pre-chat survey opens, when the customer's chat is accepted by the agent etc. You can set additional department greetings, system messages for events when the chat is transferred to another agent, when the customer or the operator has left the room or disconnected offline.

All system messages can be edited at Account Settings / System Messages screen in the Control Panel.

System messages customization

Adding your company logo

If you would like to brand your chat window, you can add your company logo in the header.

The messenger header option is disabled by default, so you first need to enable the header and then select or upload your image at Account Settings / Images.

Chat window logo customization

Enabling or disabling chat features for visitors

You probably noticed that your live chat window toolbar by default offers a few options to customers, such as to send a file, print out a transcript of the chat, get a transcript by email and enable or disable the sound alerts in the messenger.

You can configure the toolbar and show or hide the toolbar buttons according to your needs.

Chat window feature set customization

Prefer a more classic look of the chat window?

We also support an older, more classic style of the live chat window.

You can switch between the modern and the classic designs at Account Settings / Chat Window Type page in your account Control Panel.

You can find the information on classic chat window customizations in our user manual

Both classic and modern chat windows