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Provide live chat support to your players around the world. With help of live chat feature on your gambling website you can do this 24/7. While chatting with your players in real time you will ensure they do not lose their bets and get the help they need right here and right now.

No matter where the players are located, they can contact your live help team at any convenient time and get assistance with their bets or issues they are experiencing. Moreover, while chatting with an agent, players will get an idea how the online casino site works and whether it is worth playing there.

Help players in real time

By providing online support to players, agents will briefly describe how the gambling platform works and will assist players with deposits, bets or winning withdrawals. Those players who had positive experience with live chat agents are more likely to come again to spin the roulette or bet.

Solve issues with money deposits and withdrawals

It often happens that players who play in an online gambling website first time experience issues with their first deposits and winning withdrawals. Unfortunately, if they do not get professional and timely assistance, they will leave the online gambling website disappointed and even may file a scam complaint. To avoid such misunderstandings and assist online players proactively, you can use live chat to help them.

Use predefined responses to answer most common questions

With the growth of online gambling industry, the expectations of players also go up. Thus, excellent customer experience is a must for any online casino today. Live chat support for online casino is a must-have feature for any platform or website today. First of all, live chat tool has become very popular among users and for agents it allows handling several customers on live chat concurrently. This improves customer experience and saves cost on phone customer support.

To answer most common questions, live chat agents can use predefined responses and insert them during live chat communication. They can also create such responses directly from their apps and use while chatting with players.

Win your players' trust

An ability to talk to players in online gambling chat in real time makes it possible to win their trust and get a positive feedback. For any gambling platform positive feedback plays a very important role. It increases platform’s credibility and makes it possible to create a trusting relationship with players.

While assisting through live chat, agents help to solve issues with deposits and withdrawals. Such issues require immediate attention and fast response. In those cases when players have to wait, they lose trust and think they were scammed. However, when they have their issues quickly solved in an online gambling chat, they will trust the platform and will come back to make more bets in future again.

Let your customers chat with you from any device

Most players use their mobile devices to make bets or spin the roulette. Thus, it is important to select mobile friendly live chat solution. Provide Support live chat offers user friendly live chat tool that works on all types of mobile devices and can be easily integrated with mobile gambling platforms.

Assist online players in any language

Players from the whole globe join gambling platforms and live chat agents can assist them in any language. Their agent apps allow them to select text direction, activate spellchecker for their language and choose the needed font to display their characters properly. Live chat window can be also fully translated into any language.

Live chat has been successfully used in various industries, including online gambling. Almost all virtual casinos and online betting platforms use live chat to assist their players and walk them through the whole process from registration and first deposit to the final winning withdrawal. Try Provide Support live chat for free on your gambling platform and improve your player experience.

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