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How to install live chat plugin for WooCommerce

To install live chat plugin do the following:

  1. Follow "Plugins" menu in your admin
  2. Press "Add New" and either upload previously downloaded plugin or search for "Provide Support Live Chat"
  3. Click "Install Now" after you find the plugin
  4. Activate your plugin and follow Settings to log into existing account or create a new one
  5. After you have connected to your Provide Support account you can check "Enable live chat plugin" for the chat button to appear on your website.
  6. In your plugin settings you can choose whether you would like to use a chat button or a text chat link and upload your custom live chat icons. Additionally, you can choose the pages to display your live chat button

Live chat features and customizations

After activating the live chat plugin on your WooCommerce store you can customize your chat window in your Provide Support admin:

  1. Add or remove fields from your pre-chat survey
  2. Upload your company logo to chat window and add a welcome text
  3. Upload operator pictures to make chatting experience more friendly
  4. Choose your post-chat survey and proactive chat invitation themes
  5. Define the color of your chat window to match your website look and feel
  6. Create or import canned responses
  7. Enable operator statistics to monitor customer service team performance
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